Bunny 165cm Customized Real Life Sex Doll




Here is the one and only Bunny, your customized real life sex doll to make your fantasies come true. She is different in such a way that every bit of her is next to perfect. She is tall and that makes her easily noticeable. Her exuberant body attached to her cheerful boobs makes her simply breathtaking to look at.

Bunny loves swimming. So long as it is day time, she will always come out of their house just to swim in their backyard swimming pool. She routinely comes out in her shorts, a bra and a towel carrying a tube of lotion. She puts them besides the pool and starts to stretch her body.

At times she runs around the pool to get heated up. In the process, she detaches her shorts from her body and remains adorned in a bra and silky underwear. She further removes her bra and remains in only her underwear. After getting heated up and sweaty, she paces down with her arms raised in the air like a flying bird. She jogs on her toes as she loses her underwear too. She stretches a little more before she jumps into the pool. To Bunny, the pool is her shower.

Within a few minutes, she is done and gets out as naked as she was born; in her birthday suit. She moves the towel through her hair and body downwards. She sits by the pool with her thighs loose and dries up her private area. Thereafter, she gets the lotion and starts smearing it on her thighs towards her private parts.

This is your time to call it quits to all the lonely cold nights with this amazing real life sex doll. Ask for her and she’ll all be yours to swim and spend time with; at anytime that you please. You will most likely be the one to smear the lotion on her body.

Bunny Doll features Dolls™ head #56 and 165 cm D-cup body style, with Pink skin tone and other Pre-selected options. You can customise it by selecting sex doll options

Upper Bust 76cm
Lower Bust 58cm
Waist 48cm
Hip 75cm
Thigh Circumference 38.5cm
Arm Length 57cm
Foot Length 20cm
Weight 25.45kg
Vagina Depth 18cm
Mouth Depth 13cm
Anus Depth 16cm
Package Size 138*40*30cm

Sex Doll Body Video Demo

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Skin Colour

Dark, Normal, White


One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Eight, Six, Seven, Same as default



Standing Feature

No, Yes


Insert, Build-in


A, B, C, D, E


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