165cm Black Curly Hair Heatable TPE Sex Doll – Morgan




Love sex doll in the center of the center are still life-style and fun dolls. On the first look it can be difficult to distinguish between $ 10,000 and love sex doll from this center. The ultimate purpose is dolls at this cost and the quality level to get nuts and right bolts, but the best points of interest and the quality of the materials are not good. These results in something that is still very true but your doll will not go for a long time, and on a closer review you can see several errors.
The love sex dolls’ material for this value extends will be medium or low-silicone inferior or elastomer of thermoplastic (TPE). If it is not silicone, it is likely to not survive the platinum and thus it will be frequent to oily after some time, it becomes dry. TPE is an amazing product, but it is not less than a love life when it is used to implement a real woman’s vibe. So that’s better than silicone, so extra time will be done more, and evil will begin to appear (stains, watermarks, and so on).

#HYPOALLERGIC: TPE is a not known for any allergic reactions.

#WATER-RESISTANT: water-based lubricants and silicone lubricants both can be used.

All these features make TPE material best for the love dolls.More life-like features take users journey to a whole new level.Used in many other materials TPE is considered completely safe for use.

Morgan Doll features Dolls™ head #LFO-62 and 165 cm D-cup body style, with Light Tan tone and other Pre-selected options. You can customise it by selecting sex doll options

Sex Doll Body Video Demo

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Skin Colour

Dark, Normal, White


One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Eight, Six, Seven, Same as default



Standing Feature

No, Yes


Insert, Build-in


A, B, C, D, E


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